Don Matías

Don Matías - Cabernet Sauvignon

Don Matías Reserva owes its name to the founder of Cousiño Macul winery. It is a pure and elegant wine, whose quality traces back to the selection of appropriate vines, all through the bottling process.

Technical Data

  • Varietal Composition: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Denomination: 100% Maipo Valley
  • Alcohol: 13,9%
  • Total Acidity: 4,73 g/L
  • Residual Sugar: 2,43 g/L
  • pH: 3,58


Ideal to accompany tenderloin steak with smashed sweet potato or pastas with pesto to enhance its freshness. Excellent choice as well for hard or mature cheese like Grana Padano or gruyere.


Oenologist’s notes

Season 2014-2015 had the highest temperatures and least amount of frosts in the last 3 years. It`s main characteristics was the absence of rainfalls during the flowering and harvest period, giving us very healthy grapes to work with. High temperatures got our grapes faster to the optimal ripening, giving to our wines a discreet acidity, structured tannins and higher aromatic intensity.


The grapes are selected as they enter the cellar, being the healthiest and absent of unripe elements the only ones that make it into the ferment tanks. Thus, the maceration process begins (5 days of cold maceration, 7 days of fermentation, and 20-30 days of post-fermentation maceration) with top-quality grapes to get the most of their potential over longer periods of time. Fermentation is achieved at temperatures of 26-27°C (78.8-80.6°F) with selected yeast. After the post-fermentative maceration, a full malolactic fermentation and 6 months in contact with French oak add more complexity to the final wine. The handling and selection of raw materials, along with a delicate production process, result in complex and elegant wines which are representative of this particular variety.

Tasting notes

Of a deep, bright ruby red color and a complex aroma composition reminding us of herbs, fresh mint, red berries, strawberries and figs giving path to a final tosted sensation that comes from the oak. It presents a fruty mouthfeel, mature and elegant tannins of a medium intensity, a rich acidity and long finish.