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Cosuiño Macul again in the Prowein fair


Once more Cousiño Macul was present in Prowein, the  world´s wide most important wine fair which took place in Dusseldorf, Germany between march 15th to 17th. This, the twenty second  version of the fair again broke records as it attracted over 52,000 people from around the world and had a total of 5,970 exhibitors from 50 countries.

Here the latest trends and innovations were shown.  Also counted with a full program of tastings, seminars and special events positioning Prowein as “the” fair par excellence.

This 2015 Cousino Macul, was again present with a stand in the Chilean Hall where the winery showed all his wines. Matías Ovalle, Cousiño Macul’s CEO expressed the “importance of participating in a fair of this level where commercial ties with our markets are bonded and new business oportunities are generated. It is an instance where networking is crucial and we show the world our products.”

Lota Descorchados awarded in Brazil 2015


Descorchados, the famous wine guide made every year by the prominent journalist, Patricio Tapia, was recently presented at Praça Sao Lorenzo in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Carlos Cousiño, president of the winery, Verónica Cousiño and Tomás Mc Donough went to the event to receive this important award: Icon Lota best red wine of the year at Descorchados guide.
The event was joined by more than 80 wineries from different countries with the higher scores in Descorchados.
Various wineries made expositions to the press, but noted the presentation of Carlos Cousiño about her wine LOTA. “Patricio Tapia described Lota as an epiphany and it is no coincidence that it is. It is a wine that shown on its essence and that comes from the original territory of the beginnings of Cousiño Macul. A land where the grapevines have deep roots and are protected from high temperatures by the mountains. A land with history of our family, Chile and winery”, said.
More than thousand people attended to this outstanding gastronomic event and “everyone wanted to try our icon Lota. The stand was always crowded, proving once again that it is a winning wine by excellence”, said Verónica Cousiño.
Brazil is a very important market for Chile and especially for Cousiñoo Macul because It is our most significant importer and is a market that has great interest in the Chilean wine, expressed Verónica Cousiño.
In addition, Sao Paulo is a culinary capital by excellence, what makes specialized media extremely important and well cataloged.

Lota and Antiguas Reservas cataloged among the best Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon by Decanter


There are wines considered unreachable, but always hoping to enjoy. The prominent wine critic Patricio Tapia made a selection of the 30 best Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon better quality and prestige. In this exclusive list published by Decanter, Cousiño Macul has two wines: its icon Lota which was awarded as the best red of the year with 19 points and, his Antiguas Reservas, also within the 10 best Chilean wines.

In this list, Patricio Tapia showed that it is possible to enjoy these wines of excellence because its value is lower than the product really should have.

Lota – Alto Maipo 2006 de Cousiño Macul.

(19pts/20 (96/100pts).


This wine is considered to take those who drink it straight to the heart of the Maipo Valley. It is a wine in which, thanks to its hundred-year old vineyards, cassis and mint easily can be perceived. Lota allows enjoying delicate tannins in the mouth. It is the authentic expression of one of the most traditional wine regions of Chile.


Cousiño-Macul, Antiguas Reservas, Maipo 2012

17pts / 20 ( 90 / 100pts )


Antiguas Reservas represents the tradition of Chilean Cabernet at its best. It is a highly appreciated wine which from the beginning has been able to offer a clear expression of the Maipo Valley where the taste of ripe red fruits and spices stand out, allowing savor sweet tannins and a texture that envelops the palate.


Finis Terrae receive GOLD at AWoCA 2014


Cousiño Macul continues to be outstanding. This time, two of their premium wines -Finis Terrae 2011 and Finis Terrae White 2013- were awarded gold medals at the country’s most important wine competition, the Annual Wines of Chile (AWoCA).
For the first time, this important event was held in Brazil, a market where Chilean wines lead the import ranking. On that occasion 12 Brazilian specialists, among them the renowned sommelier Diego Arrebola, various opinion leaders and journalists connected to the world of wine, were in charge of the tasting of more than 640 wines belonging to 92 Chilean wineries. The jury praised the typical characteristics of the variety and the representativeness of the Chilean origin. The jury awarded 88 gold medals and 272 silver ones.
“We are very proud to have received two gold medals at this important competition with our premium wines Finis Terrae 2011 and Finis Terrae White 2013. These prizes acknowledge the work, the dedication and the quality of Cousiño Macul. Day by day we work hard and we are concerned to produce the best varieties” said Matias Ovalle, Cousiño Macul’s CEO.

Bicycle tour to get to know winery Cousiño Macul


Every day more and more cyclists can be seen in the city and tofollow this trend Cousiño Macul and Bicicleta Verde (Green Bicycle) organized a tour to become acquainted with the property in a sportive and ecological way. This initiative promotes touristic activities of the vineyards for both Chileans and foreigners.

Right in the middle of Santiago on the slopes of the Andes Mountains lies Cousiño Macul winery. Its century-old wine lands founded in 1856 are open to all those who want to visit, and in summer there is a different and healthy way to do so. For that, it is possible to roam the winery on a fun bicycle tour. This is thanks to a partnership between the winery and Bicicleta Verde, who for some time have made it possible for tourists and wine lovers to get to know the estate by this new form.
At 10 am the first group starts led by a bilingual guide. The trip begins with riding along dirt paths in between vines, some of them almost a century old, where it is possible to see the rural landscape of the old Santiago and the modernity of the new city.

During the whole tour the history of the viticulture in the Maipo Valley is explained; from the founding family that is still owner of the winery – the Cousiños- to each type of vine that is grown in these places.

After quite some pedaling, while exchanging entertaining anecdotes and stories, the group stops to rest and to refresh themselves. They try an excellent Sauvignon Blanc which motivates and encourages them even more to continue the tour.

After having ridden their bikes for almost five kilometers they finish the tour with a guided visit of a century-old building located on the premises, where they deepen their knowledge about the wine making process; how everything started last century and how it is done today.

The tour ends in a cellar which was built in 1874 by French architects where, for about 40 minutes, an exclusive tasting of Cousiño Macul’s best wines is held.

“This type of tour allowed the visitors to get to know and to learn about wine in a healthy way. Roaming corners where you can’t get on foot …. allows the visitors to see the vineyard from another perspective. We wanted to combine an outdoor activity with the flavor and the history of wine” said Tatiana Kunstmann.



Vineyard Cousiño Macul participated in the Beneteau Cup 2014


Celebrating 20 years in Chile, Beneteau organized an entertaining event at the Yacht Club in Viña del Mar. On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August the III Naval Academy’s Regatta of the Santander Cup was held together with the first national championship of Beneteau yachts. In both events, Beneteau’s ocean sailboats participated, divided into two classes: the Beneteau cruisers and the Beneteau First 36.7.
The event consisted of five regattas – three on Saturday and two on Sunday – in the area between Punta Osas and Molo de Abrigo, being started at 12:30 on both days.
Besides being the sponsor, Cousiño Macul was in charge of the awards ceremony once the competition had ended.
The regatta was a first class event which provided an attractive spectacle on the waterfront for all those who attended. “For us as vineyard it is very important to be present in this type of activity which promotes water sport in our country” said Matias Ovalle, Cousiño Macul general manager.

Cousiño Macul participated in Echinuco


The gastronomic fair Echinuco 2014, which has been taking place for a couple of years at Bicentenario Park in Santiago, was a complete success. This innovative and entertaining encounter with Chilean food saw thousands of people enjoining exquisite national dishes accompanied by the best wines and beers.

Cousiño Macul was represented in this event by their Riesling Isidora and their Merlot Antiguas Reservas, which were part of the wine bar which was hosted by several celebrities among them the “Reina de Copa” Mariana Martinez.

During three days visitors could taste as well as buy the wines they liked best. “It was a first class event, the wines were excellent and we were very pleased with the wines that represented Cousiño Macul. We received excellent feedback which left us very happy”, said Verónica Cousiño the Cousiño Macul´s Marketing Manager.

James Suckling gives excellent scores to Cousiño Macul


The specialized website jamessuckling.com emphasized in the impressive diversity and quality of Chilean wines. It also rated Cousiño Macul’s wines – Antiguas Reservas Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, finis Terrae 2010, and Don Matías Cabernet Sauvignon 2013- with more than 90 points.

“Chile is a country with an impressive diversity not only in terms of climate and soil but also because of the variety of its grapes and its winemakers”, the prestigious site says. The wine growing development in Chile have slowly moved to the north and south of the country to find places where to plant and develop new strains.  These regions seem to be extreme to anyone, but tend to produce more balanced wines due to their proximity to the ocean. This new diversity which gives the wines their unique features is what made jamessuckling.com come to Chile for a second time to taste hundreds of wines and visit dozens of vineyards.

During their visit JamesSuckling.com had the opportunity to taste and rate three of our wines, which received 90 or more points each.

Cousiño Macul Finis Terrae 2010: 90 points. A red wine with notes of berries, hazelnuts, cocoa, and a soft touch of toasty oak. Good body, firm tannins, and a delicious finish. Attractive austerity. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah. Made in a traditional style to enjoy right away or later.

Cousiño Macul  Antiguas Reservas, Cabernet Sauvignon 2010: 90 points. Aromas of chocolate, berries and a touch of vanilla embedded in a good body with velvety tannins and a delicious finish.

Cousiño Macul Don Matías Reserva, Cabernet Sauvignon 2013:  91 points. Aromas of fresh ripe plums and autumn leaves in the nose. Strawberries and also chocolate, softer tannins. Sophisticated and elegant texture.

Finis Terrae 2010 achieves first place in the category Blended Red Wines at the “Sommelier Chile Challenge”


In July the “Sommelier Chile Challenge” was held in London, an original contest in which the idea is to do a tasting of Chilean wines which then compete with wines from other countries. The wines are tested blindly and the sommeliers have to give scores, highlighting their favorites in each of the categories.

The competition was held at the “Antique Wine Company” in London and was organized by “Wines of Chile” in order to better position Chile’s premium wines within the European market.

Worldwide respected sommeliers participated in this event as well as the specialized press. Each participant was asked to choose their three favorite wines from each category. The categories were Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Red Blends, white wines by glass and red wines by glass. Among them our Finis Terrae 2010 was rated top in the Red Blends category.

The event was carried out with the idea of changing the perception of Chilean wines, as consumers and sommeliers usually see them as good quality, but not as premium wines. Through this event it could be proven that Chilean wines are among the best worldwide.

This was the fourth time this event took place and the first time that Chile won in all categories, instead of coming in second as in previous years: this is excellent news not only for Chilean wines but also for Cousiño Macul.

Cousiño Macul’s Riesling rated as one of the best in the world


The renowned Financial Times Weekend Magazine’s columnist Jancis Robinson dedicated a complete article to talk about the wonders of Riesling, which for her was a major discovery. Among the wines that stand out is Cousiño Macul’s Riesling whose vines were brought from Germany in the nineteenth century and which she qualifies as “awesome”.

“I would like to have your attention to tell you about the best white wine in the world” with these words Jancis Robinson begins her column in the renowned Financial Times newspaper. Although she recognizes that for some wine fanatics this strain is not the most coveted, for her it is the best there is as far as white wines are concerned with respect to taste, strength and personality. Its sugar levels are not high, probably due to the rather cold climates which are typical for its original Germany. Riesling naturally is not very alcoholic, but thanks to its strong personality it has an intense flavor that lingers in the mouth.

In Australia, the second country where these grapes grow best and where production is concentrated on Claire and the Eden Valleys, Riesling is characterized to be a very fine and dry wine. Historically, Alsace and Austria also have been producers of Riesling, whose wines stand out for being dry and of great character. But lately the temperate zones of New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and the United States have produced great quality Rieslings, among which the “awesome” Cousiño Macul Riesling stands out.

Our Isidora Riesling is known for being a versatile wine for pairing. It goes well with fish; it also fits perfectly well with sweet and sour dishes, Japanese food and it is ideal as an aperitif. It has a pale yellow color with golden sparkles and a high aromatic intensity. In the mouth it has an amazing acidity, a good body and freshness, emphasizing its citric fruit flavor with a dry and long finish.

Harvest Report 2014


We could say that the 2013-2014 season was a season of extreme climate:  a dry winter, a very cold spring, and a summer with high temperatures.  Although winter had provided only little rainfall, we had no problems to supply the necessary vineyard irrigation.

In early spring a big frost occurred nationwide affecting the plants, which were at an early stage of development. This resulted in a lower production than the expected, affecting mainly white varieties. Thanks to the location of our vineyards, and although the production was lower, the fruit quality wasn’t affected and we obtained a homogenous ripening at harvest time.

With the arrival of summer temperatures reached levels of over 30° C. The good weather conditions allowed a good development and maturation of the grapes and we could harvest them in an excellent weather and sanitary conditions.

The harvest began in the first week of March with Chardonnay, followed by Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

For Gabriel Mustakis, enologist at Cousiño Macul, “the white wines 2014 are fresh and of an excellent varietal character; meanwhile the red wines are fruity and leave a silky feeling in mouth, they are of a good concentration with ripe and elegant tannins. In general, a good harvest for the red varieties”.

His recommendation, “we especially would like to highlight our Merlot, whose maturity allowed us to produce fresh and fruity wines of very good varietal expression and elegant tannins”.

Cousiño Macul launches Don Matías Carménère


The outstanding label Don Matías, named after the founder of the vineyard, continues to surprise with the release of the new variety Carménère, a strain that was lost for many years and was rediscovered in Chile in the 90s.

This elegant wine has an intense and pleasant aroma, in which ripe black fruit, spices and leather dominate. On the palate it is delicate and of medium tannin with a taste of plums, blackberries and spices.

It is the perfect accompaniment for dishes of medium intensity, such as finely flavored pastas, risottos, pizza, and cheese of medium maturation. Álvaro González, Cousiño Macul’s sommelier, recommends drinking this wine together with Pappardelle, cherry tomatoes sautéed with garlic and all generously decorated with Parmesan cheese.

This first edition of Don Matias Carménère Reserve has just been launched in Chile.

Finis Terrae 2010 praised at Decanter World Wine Awards 2014


Vineyard Cousiño Macul had an outstanding participation in the latest version of the Decanter World Wine Awards 2014, where our Finis Terrae 2012 was awarded a bronze medal. The British public commented widely on its superb qualities and features. They especially highlighted its Mediterranean notes such as licorice, bay leaf, and menthol, reaching from ripe fruit like plum, cassis, and blackberry to candied notes finishing with a touch of well incorporated wood flavor. In this wine flavors can be felt and its elegant touch gives way to a long finish full of fruit and aftertaste harmonizing oak flavors and spices.

This competition, which is held in the UK every year, is one of the most widely recognized and most prestigious competitions in the industry. Moreover, it has earned itself admiration and international respect due to the high level of its board of judges which consists of the best wine palates including wholesalers, sommeliers, critics, and specialized writers.

At the DWWA each wine is assessed individually which gives more confidence that the tasting is fair and completely specialized. “Therefore, we are filled with pride that our Finis Terrae 2010 has been awarded a bronze medal in such an important competition where only the best and most outstanding wines are praised” said Matias Ovalle, CEO of vineyard Cousiño Macul.


Vineyard Cousiño Macul teaming up with “Escúchame (Listen to me)” Foundation


Vineyard Cousiño Macul again participated in a Golf Tournament organized by the “Escúchame” Foundation which aims to help needy children with hearing problems. This event, whose principal aim was to raise funds for surgery these children need in order to restore their hearing ability, was held May 7th at Club Hacienda de Chicureo with the participation of 31 teams.

Cousiño Macul had a stand at the 6th hole. There, a bottle of Finis Terrae was given to the player of each team who achieved the best approach to the green. The championship ended with a dinner with entertainers, a magic show and the handing-over of numerous prizes.

Cousiño Macul performed a demonstration of Pellenc’s new grape harvester


In early April an interesting event took place in the Buin plantation of vineyard Cousiño Macul: the new grape harvesting machine Optimum, built by the French manufacturer Pellenc, was presented to wine makers and wine experts of the Maipo valley.

The event brought together experts of the world of wine and aimed to show that this new model has several innovations and improvements over previous models. “During the demonstration the quality of the harvesting process, and its speed could be proven; additionally it was amazing to see how clean the results were and all this very silenty and energy efficiently” said Carol Durmont, wine maker of Paine.

Cousiño Macul has been using Pellenc equipment for various years and the results have been extraordinary. “The grapes are harvested at the exact moment of ripeness and this results in higher quantity in less time” she added.

Pellenc is a French company which manufactures machinery for farming and wine making among others. This equipment stands out because of its latest technology which is converted into excellent results and work experience.


Cousiño Macul touring Europe


This year started with a tight schedule for Cousiño Macul.  Matias Ovalle, CEO of the vineyard, flew to Moscow to participate on the Chilean Wine Tour, a fair organized by ProChile focused on national wines. After one day on the stand, he visited and trained the sales team of our Russian Distributor ‘Garage Wine and Spirits’.
Another interesting stop was Poland, country included in the fair circuit. In this country, the aim was to know this market more in depth and expand the boundaries of Cousiño Macul in Europe.
Felipe Stoehrel, Exports Manager from Cousiño Macul for Latin America and Asia joined him in Germany, where they participated in Prowein, the most important international fair on the wine industry. Cousiño Macul Vineyard had a stand in the hall of Chile. This event gathered the main and most important vineyards and liquor producers worldwide.
‘We believe it is very important doing these trips, because this way we can meet our distributors, review our business and support them in what they need’ said Matias Ovalle, who also pointed out that new business opportunities are always present on these markets, ‘It is very important having face to face contact to build the necessary trust, so as to be able to consolidate long term relationships’, he emphasized.
Among Cousiño Macul plans for 2014 it is boosting exports to Europe, growing and consolidating the markets they already have presence in and looking for unexplored new markets.


Viña Cousiño Macul and Debra Foundation


More than 15 thousand people came to witness the most important Golf event held in Chile, the PGA Tour 2014. This is the third year in a row in which this event has been held in our country, and this time it benefited the Debra Foundation ― a non-profit organization concerned about providing support, education, and medical attention to children suffering from Epidermolysis bullosa, otherwise known as “Butterfly Children”.
Debra was in charge of hosting the Wine Gala, event that took place within the tournament, where several vineyards ― Cousiño Macul among them ― offered their best wines. This entertaining social meeting took place on the 18th hole of the golf course of Prince of Wales Country Club.
The attendants tasted our Antiguas Reservas wine line, they listened to live music and took part in an auction of golf articles signed by the PGA professionals.
“It was very important for Cousiño Macul to be present in a sports tourney of such high quality, but, overall, to be able to help so many children that suffer from Epidermolysis bullosa. Due to this, as a Vineyard, we are always willing to help in noble causes like this one”, stated Matías Ovalle, VCM General Manager.


McKinley Vintners: New distributor of Cousiño Macul for the United Kingdom


2014 begins with a new alliance. From now on Cousiño Macul wines will be distributed in the important UK market by Mckinley Vintners, who stand out for their background over the last 25 years in the business of wine and other liquors.  They offer a wide range of products- more than 500 wines and others – which now joined Cousiño Macul wines.  Located in the heart of London, it is a distribution company that is known for having the representation of renowned vineyards worldwide. Their premium service is characterized by suiting the needs of its customers, either retailers or wholesalers.  Recently Carlos Cousiño visited Mckinley Vintners to meet them and to formalize this new partnership. “This Alliance will strengthen and further increase our presence in the British market,” said Carlos Cousiño.

Isidora Rosé: A perfect wine for summer afternoon


For these pleasant afternoons during the summer, what could be better than enjoying a glass of a good wine, one special designed for women. That is why Viña Cousiño Macul has a perfect product for women. Isidora Rose is a fresh and tasty low-alcohol wine as you can feel berry aroma  such as raspberries and strawberries. It is a perfect appetizer for the summer looking at the sea, the lake or simply being on a nice terrace.  Isidora Rosé is an elegant and distinctive alternative for those women who like to enjoy the  summer relaxation accompanied by a good glass of wine.

“Vinos de Lujo” at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Santiago


This past Wednesday, November 27th, the finest wineries in Chile gathered at the Hyatt Hotel. Cousiño Macul participated in the event and stood out with their icon wine, Lota, and their premium Finis Terrae red and white blends.

The 9th version of the “Vinos de Lujo” (Luxury Wines) event, organized by trade journalist Patricio Tapia’s Descorchados Guide, was a fun and well-attended gathering.

The best wineries in Chile had their stands in the hotel’s gardens, each showing off their Premium and icon wines. The participants had their palates delighted with the offering of wines and a fantastic gourmet food tasting.

Cousiño Macul’s presence was unavoidable, and the winery brought their best wines. Lota, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, was well-received by the public and especially beloved for its elegance. In addition, the Premium Finis Terrae red and white blends received excellent reviews due to their noble and fine composition.

SAQ at Viña Cousiño Macul: Tournée des vignobles au Chili (Wine Tour in Chile)


In early November, Viña Cousiño Macul had the pleasure of hosting 38 clients from the SAQ (Société des alcools du Québec). Each year, this important Canadian corporation selects a different winemaking region to visit and this year, it was Chile’s turn.

The visit included a guided tour of the vineyard, a wine tasting in the underground wine cellar, and a lunch, all of which were held in a relaxed and pleasant setting.

Amazed by the winery’s special charm, the group enjoyed Antiguas Reservas Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay, as well as the Isidora Sauvignon Gris and both Finis Terrae wines. The group left with an excellent impression of the work being done at Cousiño Macul.

The SAQ is a government corporation dedicated to selling alcoholic beverages and ensuring superior service and quality control of products in the province of Québec.

Agenda November 2013 Viña Cousiño Macul


This November will be full of activities to Viña Cousiño Macul . “Bazar ED”, fair ” Vinos de Lujo” and “Gala del Vino” will get us to show the public our fine wines.

To begin we will be present in the “Bazar ED”, from November  20th until Sunday 24th. You can taste some of our most renowned wines in the Wain Bar, Finis Terrae Tinto, Antiguas Reservas and Isidora Rosé .

On Wednesday November 27th we will be attending the sixth version of  “Vinos de Lujo” organized by the “Descorchados” the specialized  guide of the journalist Patricio Tapia . The event will be held at the Grand Hyatt Santiago Hotel.

And to close the month of November will participate in “Gala del Vino” on Casas de Lo Matta during the 29th and 30th of November.

Fresh wines are growing in popularity among consumers


New culinary trends are marking a shift in paradigm in the world of wine. The search for fresh and light wines over more potent ones is opening up new horizons for those who like to enjoy a good wine with their food.

The subtle, fresh flavors of white wines are inviting and they are easier to pair with food during hot weather. Women tend to drink these wines with salads and lighter dishes.

In countries like the United States, France, and Italy, this trend has been well established for years. In Chile, fresh wines are gaining more and more popularity and wineries have developed new and original grape varieties across the country.

Viña Cousiño Macul has been part of this revolution by bringing noteworthy wines to the forefront. One of these, Sauvignon Gris, has a surprising freshness with a bouquet of wild flowers, citric fruits, and spices. Another example is the Doña Isidora Riesling, a full-bodied wine with exquisite acidity and light notes of apple blossom and limes.

Other wines worth mentioning include the Rosé Reserva, a dry wine with sparkling acidity and low alcohol content, as well as the Gris Cabernet Sauvignon, which has a gentle copper color and unexpected body for this style, with juicy acidity, and notes of ripe red fruits.

Hugh Johnson calls Lota one the best blends in Chile


Cousiño Macul: historic Santiago winery. Reliable Antiguas Reservas Merlot; flavorful Sauvignon Gris; and at the top of the list, Lota, one the best blends in Chile”. This is how Hugh Johnson described Viña Cousiño Macul and their various wines in the 2013 edition of his Pocket Wine Book.

The world’s best-selling wine writer makes clear that Cousiño Macul is unique in its quality. This point is emphasized in the 36th edition of Johnson’s famous Pocket Wine Book, in which he lists around 200 of his preferred wines from around the world.

Lota: A world class wine created to mark the 150th anniversary of Viña Cousiño Macul. As Johnson notes, this is a wine that reflects both family tradition and the elegance inherent in Chile’s most historic winery. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is produced using grapes from the winery’s oldest grapevines, located in the renowned Maipo Valley.

Antiguas Reservas Merlot: According to the latest edition of the Pocket Wine Guide, this is a solid wine that reflects Viña Cousiño Macul’s historic winemaking traditions. An excellent and well-rounded Merlot, aged in French oak for added complexity. With a smooth and harmonious mouthfeel, this wine is ideal for accompanying red meat dishes.

Sauvignon Gris: This “flavorful” Sauvignon Gris stands out for its excellent balance of delicate sweetness and juicy acidity. It is surprisingly full-bodied for its style.

Viña Cousiño Macul wins double gold medal in Australia


Viña Cousiño Macul has been awarded a Double Gold Medal for its 2011 Finis Terrae Chardonnay-Riesling-Viognier and a Medal of Excellence for its Riesling Isidora 2012 in the 6 Nations Wine Challenge in Australia.

The best wines from New Zealand, South Africa, the United States, Argentina and Chile were invited to take part in the competition held in Sydney, Australia, along with wines from the host country. Representatives from the most prominent wineries from across the southern hemisphere and the United States participated in the gala, which took place on October 3rd.

Viña Cusiño Macul recived the Double Gold Medal for the Chardonnay Finnis Terrae 2011 and a Medal of Excellence for the Riesling Isidora 2012. Australia won the “Nation of Show” first prize, as well as four other awards. The United States won five awards, while New Zealand and Argentina each claimed three and South Africa two. According to the Wine Editor of VITIS Magazine, Eduardo Brethauer, who represented Chile in the panel of judges, the strength of Chilean wines lies in their diversity. He explained, “The country doesn’t simply rely on one or two grape varieties, but instead, any one of them could compete across the competition’s 17 classes”. He also noted, “What’s surprising is that the best results weren’t achieved by our Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc or Bordeaux blends—supposedly what we do best, but by up-and-coming varieties or classes with really interesting potential, like the white blends, Riesling, Carignan, and País”.

Francisco Mandiola: Chef from Europeo Restaurant recommends a post-September 18th dish


As is customary in Chile, the Fiestas Patrias celebrations revolve around food, especially meat and good wine. Francisco Mandiola, Chef at the Europeo Restaurant, did not want to be left out of the festivities so he recommended a unique, but very Chilean dish for us, to keep the celebration going strong. He says it is essential to accompany this dish with a Cabernet Sauvignon Antiguas Reservas, as it “makes the meal even more delicious and unique.”


Osso buco with a variety of dried and caramelized mushrooms, lima bean purée, and a mushroom reduction sauce


Osso buco
320 gr. of osso buco/ 50 gr. of onion/ 50 gr. of carrot /50 gr. of celery-/ 50 gr. of tomato /10 gr. of fresh rosemary /200 cc. of red wine /10 gr. of flour

Lima bean purée

180 gr. of lima beans / 40 gr. of pancetta /70 gr. of Ají Panca or “Chilean” red chili paste /5 gr. of salt /2 gr. of white pepper

Mushroom sauce
20 gr. of button mushrooms / 20 gr. of portobello mushrooms /20 gr. of oyster mushrooms /20 gr. of beef broth /5 gr. of dried mushrooms


  • First, roughly chop the vegetables and fresh rosemary, and place them in a casserole dish.
  • Then, coat the osso buco in flour and pan fry it. Once it is ready, neatly place the meat on top of the vegetables and pour in the wine and a little bit of water; “take care not to add too much liquid.”
  • Place aluminum foil over the casserole dish and bake in the oven at 150°C for three hours.
  • For the purée, place the lima beans in cold water and boil for one hour, “until they are very soft and tender.” Drain the beans but save a third of the bean broth.
  • Using a blender or food processor, purée the beans, along with the previously sautéed pancetta, the bean broth, and the chili. Purée until the desired consistency is achieved. Adjust the amount of spiciness, salt, and pepper as desired. (Add a little cream if necessary).
  • Dehydrate the button mushrooms in the oven at 100°C for one hour. Set aside.
  • Place the dried mushrooms in water and set aside.
  • Roughly chop the portobello mushrooms and sauté them with the button mushrooms, the stalks of the oyster mushrooms, and the dried mushrooms, and then add the beef broth.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • Mix until the desired consistency is achieved. Add more beef broth as necessary to obtain a purée-like texture.

Serving suggestions
On one side of the plate make a line with the mushroom sauce, then another one using the purée. On the opposite side, place the osso buco with the bone, and drizzle the sauce on top. Adorn with sprigs of cilantro and arugula.

Tasting Wines of Chile in São Paulo


Forty Chilean wineries, including Cousiño Macul, took part in the Tasting Wines of Chile exhibition held at the exclusive Unique Hotel in São Paulo on the 10th of August. Nearly one thousand people participated in the event, which aimed to promote Chile as a producer of diverse, high quality wines. Participants were able to attend an interesting seminar about innovation in the Chilean wine industry, during which Cousiño Macul presented its 2010 Finis Terrae.

Chile’s new geographic zoning scheme was also presented during the exhibition, allowing for an in-depth look at the country’s productive breadth and diversity in the winemaking sector.

The New Zoning Scheme

Chile is known for being a long and narrow country. Because of this geography, it displays a wide variety of diverse climates, landscapes, vegetation, and culture. This diversity is also reflected in Chilean wines. For example, a Cabernet Sauvignon grown under coastal conditions is very different than one grown near the mountains.

The winemaking industry’s new zoning scheme, approved in 2011, not only divides the point of origin of wines from north to south, but also from east to west. As such, three new zones have been added to the Chilean winemaking map: the Andes, Between the Mountains, and the Coast. This new division recognizes the enormous influence that the ocean and the two mountain ranges have on the production of high quality wines.

This new classification identifies the origin of the product more accurately. It also allows for the recognition of the large diversity of terroir, which, thanks to their particular geographic conditions, exist across Chile from north to south and from east to west.

2013 Peñin Guide: Cousiño Macul Wines Classified as Excellent


Due to the success of the first edition of the Peñin Guide, which reviewed wines from Argentina, Chile, Spain, and Mexico, a second edition was released this year. Each wine was tasted in its respective country of origin in order to gain a deeper understanding of the different terroir and their particular characteristics.

This second edition of the Guide is a testament to the diversity of wines in Chile and projects a new image to the rest of the world.

The Guide classified the following five wines from Cousiño Macul as excellent:
2009 Finis Terrae

Score: 92
Produced by blending Cousiño Macul’s finest Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah grapes, this is a medium-bodied, well-balanced, and complex wine, aged in new French oak barrels. Ideal for accompanying roasted duck, rabbit, or a selection of cheeses for dessert. We recommend decanting this wine before drinking.

2011 Antiguas Reservas Syrah

Score: 91
Antiguas Reservas is the winery’s icon wine, with over 80 years of history. This is the first Syrah vintage, and it maintains a classic style while combining the ripeness of the New World and the elegance of traditional wine with a structure that will age well over time.

2011 Antiguas Reservas Merlot

Score: 91
This is a splendid and well-rounded Merlot, aged for 12 months in French oak barrels for added complexity. Displays notes of cherries and toasted vanilla on the nose, with a smooth texture and harmonious mouthfeel. Ideal for accompanying red meats. Allow wine time to breathe before serving.

2012 Antiguas Reservas Chardonnay

Score: 91
An elegant and balanced wine, with a generous bouquet of tropical fruits, honey and light toasted notes as a result of barrel aging. Ideal for accompanying white meats and fish.

2010 Antiguas Reservas Cabernet Sauvignon

Score: 91
An interesting Cabernet Sauvignon from Alto Maipo, with red fruits, spices, and pleasantly toasted notes. Intense on the palate, well-structured with ripe tannins and a prolonged finish.

95-100: Exceptional wine.
90-94: Excellent wine. (Wine with the same values as the above category, but with slight differences in terms of impact and clarity).

Fresh wines are growing in popularity among consumers


New culinary trends are marking a shift in paradigm in the world of wine. The search for fresh and light wines over more potent ones is opening up new horizons for those who like to enjoy a good wine with their food.

The subtle, fresh flavors of white wines are inviting and they are easier to pair with food during hot weather. Women tend to drink these wines with salads and lighter dishes.

In countries like the United States, France, and Italy, this trend has been well established for years. In Chile, fresh wines are gaining more and more popularity and wineries have developed new and original grape varieties across the country.

Viña Cousiño Macul has been part of this revolution by bringing noteworthy wines to the forefront. One of these, Sauvignon Gris, has a surprising freshness with a bouquet of wild flowers, citric fruits, and spices. Another example is the Doña Isidora Riesling, a full-bodied wine with exquisite acidity and light notes of apple blossom and limes.

Other wines worth mentioning include the Rosé Reserva, a dry wine with sparkling acidity and low alcohol content, as well as the Gris Cabernet Sauvignon, which has a gentle copper color and unexpected body for this style, with juicy acidity, and notes of ripe red fruits.

Cousiño Macul Wines in Ópera-Catedral Restaurant


A few months ago, Restaurant Ópera added Viña Cousiño Macul’s finest wines to its sophisticated collection.  Anyone who visits the restaurant will be able to pair exquisite and refined French-influenced dishes with wines from our Lota, Finis Terrae, and Antiguas Reservas ranges. Ópera was selected by the Chilean Circle of Food & Wine Writers as one of the best restaurants in Santiago, due in part to the exceptional variety and quality of its wine list.
The restobar Catedral has also introduced Cousiño Macul wines to its menu. This restaurant offers fun music, and delicious dishes and appetizers that can now be paired with any of the wines from our Don Matías and Isidora ranges.

10th Annual Copa Vinos de Chile Golf Championship for Fundación Escúchame


Every year Fundación Escúchame holds the Copa Vinos de Chile golf championship. Approximately 36 companies and over 120 executives participated in the event, with the goal of raising money for low-income deaf children to help them live normal lives.
As is tradition, Viña Cousiño Macul participated in this entertaining and gratifying tournament, represented by Pascal Marty, Felipe Santa María, Nicolás and Cristóbal Rodillo. “We have participated in this event for the past three years and honestly we love it. It’s a great way to help while having fun and spending time together”, explained Pascal Marty. The Copa Vinos de Chile tournament, which celebrated its tenth anniversary this year, is organized with help from Wines of Chile. As the most famous sporting event in the industry, it is considered an excellent public relations opportunity for wineries and wine companies.


Chile has a wine taster in “The Wine Advocate”


Luis Gutiérrez is the influential publication’s new wine taster for Chile, Spain and Argentina.


Robert Parker Jr.’s Wine Advocate named Chilean Luis Gutiérrez as the new wine editor for Spain, Chile, and Argentina. Gutiérrez, 48 years old, writes for the Spanish-language site www.elmundovino.com and has been a member of the tasting team since 2000. He is replacing Neal Martin who has moved on to evaluate wines from other areas such as Côte-d’Or in Burgundy, France.


Gutiérrez possesses a vast experience in this area, having written articles about Spanish wines from lesser-known regions in Spain and beyond, from Priorat to Portugal, Switzerland, and Burgundy. He has also written for the Master of Wine website. In 2012 he received the National Gastronomy Prize for best journalism from the Royal Academy of Gastronomy. Gutiérrez also works as a director at a multinational packaging company in Spain.



Viña Cousiño Macul at the inauguration of Club Hípico’s Sand Racetrack


A real party got underway last Sunday, April 14th at Santiago’s Club Hípico where they were celebrating the inauguration of the new sand racetrack. Viña Cousiño Macul was one of the main sponsors of the event, along with Santa Rita, Tabalí, Indómita, Haras de Pirque, and Maquis.

Of the 21 races run that day, eleven were raced on behalf of Cousiño Macul’s, and the winners received a large bottle of premium Finis Terrae wine. Black Sabath won first prize for Roka Stud Farm, ridden by the jockey David Sánchez.

Viña Cousiño Macul also hosted three stands and offered tastings of our Don Matías and Isidora wines, on the third and fifth floors of the Club Hípico.

The newly inaugurated track not only represents the club’s effort to become a world-class racetrack, it also marks a milestone in and of itself as the largest investment the institution has ever made.


150th Anniversary of Matías Cousiño


This past March 22nd marked 150 years since the passing of Matías Cousiño, the founder of Viña Cousiño Macul. Recognized as a visionary and an entrepreneur, he did not limit himself to the mining industry. For this reason, in 1856 he bought nearly 1,100 hectares in the Macul area and founded the winery.

In 1863, while he was building the Macul Estate, Matías Cousiño passed away, leaving his son, Luis Cousiño, and his wife, Isidora Goyenechea, to follow in his footsteps. They decided to continue with his vision and imported fine Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapevines from the Pauillac region of France. They imported Sauvignon Verde, Gris, and Semillón from Martillac. Isidora Goyenechea then imported Riesling from Alsace and the Chardonnay was selected in the 1870s.

On the day of his death, Matías Cousiño was praised by the newspaper El Mercurio as a “giving, moderate, and generous man. A well-liked gentlemen and distinguished patriot, one of the most useful people in the country, and among those who worked hardest to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in Chile.”


Carlos Cousiño: “We will repay the contributions that Peruvian cuisine has made to our country with excellent wines”


In an extensive interview with the newspaper Gestión, the president Cousiño Macul, Carlos Cousiño, spoke of how Peruvians have made Chilean cuisine more sophisticated and introduced a culture of haute cuisine in Chile. When accompanied by fine wine, this provides restaurant-goers with a unique and incomparable culinary experience.

“Peruvian immigration to Chile has helped to improve and refine the gastronomy of our country, and now it is necessary that wines do the same,” noted Carlos Cousiño. He added that the wines from his winery are meant to accompany meals. “Our philosophy is to make products that can complement various culinary styles.”
Cousiño told Gestión that Viña Cousiño Macul has always privileged fruit aromas in wines over oak aromas, because “in order for wine to accompany a meal it must be very elegant, balanced, and it certainly cannot be a wine with over-powering aromas or flavors or else it would ruin the meal.”
He emphasized again and again the contributions that Peruvians have made to Chilean cuisine. “We were a country that consumed a great deal of wine, but now we do it with a much higher quality cuisine and so we want to repay Peru by bringing a wide variety of high-quality wines to our neighbors.”

Carlos Cousiño is sure that the consumption of Chilean wine in Peru will continue to grow, especially thanks to Peru’s recent economic growth. To meet this growing demand, the winery will bring the entire range of its wines to Peru, from icon wines to varietals, precisely so that Peruvian consumers can choose the wines that pair best with their sophisticated cuisine. Cousiño also ventured a recommendation: “For our finest wines, such as Finis Terrae and Lota (the latter acclaimed by connoisseurs), nothing is better than pairing them with a good lomo salteado [a typical Peruvian steak dish].”


Viña Cousiño Macul, official sponsors of the 2013 RAMMY Awards’ Nominations Ceremony


Representatives of the finest restaurants in Washington D.C. and members of the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) met to announce the nominees for this year’s RAMMY Awards. The event, which took place at The Hamilton, was officially sponsored by Viña Cousiño Macul.

Viña Cousiño Macul was the main sponsor of the awards, which have been described as the Oscars of D.C. restaurants. The event represents a point of pride for the winery, whose prestige has crossed borders and whose renown has reached the menus of the finest restaurants in the United States.

At the ceremony, each of the nominated restaurants received a bottle of our Antiguas Reservas Cabernet Sauvignon. We also enjoyed the support of our friends at the Chilean Embassy, ProChile and Wines of Chile.

The RAMMY Awards ceremony will be held on June 23, at the Marriot Wardman Park Hotel in Washington D.C. Winners will be named for 16 different categories, among them “Casual Dining”, “Chef of the Year”, “New Restaurant of the Year” and “Beverage/Mixology Program of the Year”.


The Harvest


For everyone in the wine world, harvest season is the most special time of the year. When the harvest begins, everything is infused with a sense of celebration. At Viña Cousiño Macul this important event takes over everything, meaning special tours to show how we harvest and select the grapes that will be used to make some of the world’s most recognized Chilean wines.

Unlike other wineries, at Cousiño Macul we harvest ninety percent of our grapes by hand, ensuring the selection and protection of the best clusters. The remaining ten percent of our grapes are harvested by a special machine, using the latest Pellenc technology. In this way, starting with the very first step, we consistently work to ensure the quality of our wines.

The conditions must be just right, which is why although we always harvest between the end of February and mid-May, there is no precise start date. The grapes have to be at their peak ripeness, so we taste the grapes in our fields until the experts are certain that they have reached the correct level of ripeness.

Weather is the major determining factor in the harvest, and thanks to the location of Cousiño Macul’s vineyards, we can count on having the necessary temperatures for an ideal harvest nearly every year. In the Maipo Valley, the moderate temperatures and late rains create a well-balanced and ripe grape.

Our winemakers and the whole Viña Cousiño Macul team works hard for two and a half months to make the harvest season a special, mystical time, filled with tradition. We invite you to join in this experience by signing up for our tours where you can learn more about this celebration of wine. For more information, please contact +56 2 2351-4135 or +56 2 2351-4166.


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