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History, Women and Wine

viña cousiño macul Veronica and Elisa Cousiño share with Placeres magazine the story that gathers the women of their family and the workers with their wines until today. Cousiño family has a special relation with its line “Isidora” and with a great woman of the family too. Can you tell me more about that and the relationship with her? Elisa: Isidora’s line of Cousiño Macul is a tribute to Isidora Goyenechea, a fighter and a woman ahead of her time. Despite of any adversity, like being a widow at an early age, she was able to boost not only her family, but also a company. Veronica: Isidora had a strong conviction that the project started by Mr. Matías Cousiño, her father in-law, was meant to be successful. This ideal, followed by a lot of time and persistence, made possible to move forward and to boost the winery as one of the most important ones in the country. Elisa: This fact inspired us to create a line on her behalf and as a recognition for all her accomplishments. “Isidora” is a line that stands out due to its white, young and fresh wines, which are made precisely to commemorate one of the main pillars of Viña Cousiño’s history. Throughout history, Lota has been a “work source”. It’s interesting that a wine with that name, still remains thanks to a group of women that work in the process of harvesting grapes How did you decide that the work had to be that way? Veronica: Lota is the place where it all started. On September 9, 1852 the first coal mining company in Chile called ‘La Compañía de carbón de Lota’ was founded and boosted by Matías Cousiño. Our icon wine “Lota”, combines the two passions of the family: the coal mining and the wine industry. It gathers tradition, the family history and the characteristic elegance of Cousiño Macul wines. Also, Lota is where this group consolidated itself as an entrepreneur and working family. That is why we wanted to honour with the best wine of our production the place that witnessed the growth of our ancestors. The same people who live in this land are a key part of this activity. Thanks to their commitment and love, we keep offering a quality product. The hands of these women are precisely the ones that harvest the grapes with delicacy and intuition. They also select the vines, analyze the size, shape and color of the grapes, without stressing or damaging the fruit, which will eventually become “Lota” as icon wine of the vineyard. This process is made as in the French chateaux, where workers who harvest are the same who return year after year. This process is made with all your wines or only in high-end ones? Veronica: In all of our wines we follow the same harvesting process: our workers return every year to collect the grapes. Elisa: It is very important for us to know deeply our collaborators and they to know us. That’s how we make strong and confident bonds and also create sense of belonging, a feeling that’s key for any company.