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Springtime began in our vineyards!

During this season, after resting, our vineyards begin a new process of budding, flowering and fruit setting, essential stages in the development of the fruits of the vines which start preparing for the expected harvest. In fact, we already have our first buds! We invite you to know how the next harvest of Cousiño Macul is coming along and learn more about the arrival of spring to our lands.

Warmer days and longer, brighter afternoons, ideal for enjoying the new colors and aromas brought by the much-awaited spring arrived to Chile on September 23 and will last until the end of December. Winter is behind us, giving way to one of the final stages of the development of our vineyards, which are already showing their first buds that look like tiny clusters of grapes.

What happens to the vineyards in spring?

We have all heard about the grape harvest, but little is known about the previous process, since the first fruits appear just at this time. During the period between September and December, three key phenomena occur in the vineyards: budding, flowering and fruit set.

The beginning of budding will vary depending on the vine, and in the case of our vineyards we begin with Chardonnay, then Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet. After this begins the flowering and then the fruit setting. During this final stage, the small fruit is formed, in this case, our precious grapes. Once their function is fulfilled, the anthers (pollen generators) fall and only the small fruit remains, which little by little grows, developing in size.

How’s our 2020 harvest coming?

Our Agronomist in charge of the Buin vineyards, David Guerra, points out that, due to the stability of temperatures, where there have been no falls beyond 2°C or 3°C, between the end of September and the beginning of October in Alto Maipo, the fruit set of our vineyards presents an even growth. In other words, all the berries are the same size, which predicts a prosperous harvest season!

We invite you to visit us and enjoy this spring as much as we do.

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