Cousiño Macul - New wines in our portfolio: Jardín de Macul and Gota de Luna New wines in our portfolio: Jardín de Macul and Gota de Luna – Cousiño Macul
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New wines in our portfolio: Jardín de Macul and Gota de Luna

In 2019 we launched into the market three wines that will delight both white and red wine lovers. Coming from the oldest single blocks in our vineyards, the Jardín de Macul collection has arrived to offer the very best of our Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. In addition, our family is joined by a magnificent Sauvignon Blanc from the Malleco Valley.

Jardín de Macul Cabernet Sauvignon

Comes from the best and oldest Cabernet Sauvignon single blocks in our Macul vineyards, planted in 1932. At the foot of the Andes, Macul is characterized by a loamy soil with a small percentage of clay and strong presence of rocks, delivering a wine of origin full of character.

With notes of menthol, earth, spices and incense, the mouthfeel is juicy and full of ripe fruit, all in a context of smoothness.

Perfect pairing for sumptuous meals based on roasted or stewed red meats. Baked lamb gigot, Wellington filet, marinated deer and wild boar, hare civet, lamb ragoût, goose confit or simply a pepper steak.

Value: $70.000 CLP

Jardín de Macul Merlot

Comes from the best and oldest Merlot single block of our vineyards, planted around 1981 in Macul, at the foot of the Andes Mountains.

The mouthfeel is characterized by firm tannins and a tense texture, while the nose contains herbal notes, red fruits, spices and earth.

Perfect for medium intensity red or white meats, or fetuccini Bolognese. As a vegetarian option, it is an ideal complement to grilled vegetables, vegetable lasagna or spiced pumpkin ravioli.

Value: $70.000 CLP

Gota de Luna

This wine joins our family from the municipality of Traiguén, in the Malleco Valley, where the grapes of this Sauvignon Blanc ripen. This area is characterized by its red and clay soil with twenty-year-old vineyards, which gave origin to this fresh and elegant wine that matured in small stainless-steel tanks.

Pale yellow in color with greenish edges, in nose it is a fresh wine that reminds us of citrus fruits, such as pineapple and lemon, with herbal notes. The mouth presents high acidity and a sustained finish.

Perfect pairing for seafood ceviche, salmon carpaccio, and marine dishes. It is also a good accompaniment for any type of salad.

Value: $7.700 CLP