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2019: A year of Grand Rankings

We started 2020 with a previous year of excellent scores. In 2019, like previous years, our wines were tasted by renowned critics who tasted the most recent harvests of our winery. Among the most outstanding were the new wines of our portfolio, without leaving behind of course our emblematic lines, such as our Iconic wine, Lota, and the Ultra-Premium Line, Finis Terrae.

Tim Atkin

The renowned wine critic and British Master of Wine, Tim Atkin, tasted our Finis Terrae 2014, awarding 95 points in his annual report on the Chilean wine industry. “Subtle, complex and refined”, were some of the attributes that stood out from this great mix of Cabernet Sauvignon (45%), Merlot (44%) and Syrah (11%).

On behalf of our new wines, Dama de Plata 2016 received 92 points, standing out for its freshness and floral aromas. Our 2016 W (Double U), a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon from both the Buin and Macul vineyards, also received a score of 92, which Atkin classified as the “most complex wine of the trio”.

Descorchados 2019

Patricio Tapia, renowned Chilean wine critic and taster of this influential guide, tasted 8 wines from our portfolio, where the new lines stood out with excellent ratings.

Awarded as Best Merlot, Jardin de Macul Merlot 2015 received 94 points, highlighted by its “herbal notes, red fruit, spices and soil, in a wine that smells of its origin,” according to Tapia.

Classified in the “Best Reds”, “Best Cabernet Sauvignon” and “Best Alto Maipo” Rankings, Jardin de Macul Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, with 96 points, was also recognized for reflecting the character of Macul. Both come from the oldest sigle blocks in our vineyards located in the heart of Santiago.

The Finis Terrae 2014 once again achieved an outstanding score. “A delight of ripe red fruit, with that traditional Macul touch of menthol, spices, incense and earth”, was the commentary of Tapia, leading to a ranking of 94 points.

Our whites maintain this high line of excellence, with Gota de Luna 2017, our most recent Sauvignon Blanc, receiving 94 points. This wine is elaborated with grapes from Traiguén region located in Malleco Valley, and presents “a radiant acidity, juicy citrus notes and a mineral background” (Tapias).

Descorchados 2020

In the most recent year of Descorchados we presented Cabernet Franc 2017, the first wine 100% strain of Cabernet Franc to come from Cousiño Macul. In its debut, it scored 94 points and was ranked as “Revelation Wine” in the Best Cabernet Franc Ranking, where Tapia highlighted its notes of herbs and tobacco (typical of the strain), but also “the rabidly fresh red fruits in a firm tannin body, with an abundance of sharpness and an intense, juicy acidity.”

The W (Double U) 2016 scored 96 points and scored in the Best Cabernet Sauvignon Ranking.

When talking about classics, our Iconic Lota truly deserves a place in the conversation. Made with the top selection of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes from both the Buin and Macul vineyards, Lota 2013 received 95 points, cataloged by Tapia as “an excellent version of the new top wines” of Cousiño Macul. It is followed once more by Finis Terrae 2014, also standing out with 95 points.

Regarding the Antiguas Reservas, our most emblematic line, Antiguas Reservas Merlot 2016 received 94 points and was rated by Tapia as “one of the best versions of this classic”. While Antiguas Reservas Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 obtained 93 points, standing out once again as a classic of our vineyard. “For the price, this wine is a bargain,” noted Tapia.

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We hope you find this review useful the next time you are thinking about enjoying or gifting a new bottle of wine. Cheers!