“Vinos de Lujo” en Hotel Grand Hyatt Santiago

This past Wednesday, November 27th, the finest wineries in Chile gathered at the Hyatt Hotel. Cousiño Macul participated in the event and stood out with their icon wine, Lota, and their premium Finis Terrae red and white blends. The 9th version of the “Vinos de Lujo” (Luxury Wines) event, organized by trade journalist Patricio Tapia’s Descorchados Guide, was a fun and well-attended gathering. The best wineries in Chile had their stands in the hotel’s gardens, each showing off their Premium and icon wines. The participants had their palates delighted with the offering of wines and a fantastic gourmet food tasting. Cousiño Macul’s presence was unavoidable, and the winery brought their best wines. Lota, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, was well-received by the public and especially beloved for its elegance. In addition, the Premium Finis Terrae red and white blends received excellent reviews due to their noble and fine composition.