Un nuevo Syrah se suma al portafolio de nuestro Antiguas Reservas

Antiguas Reservas surprises with the launching of an elegant Syrah Antiguas Reservas, a line with over 80 years of history and that has held a leading role in our homes, has just incorporated a new vine, Syrah,  a variety that joins the current three members of the renowned  trademarked formed by Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot  and Chardonnay. Plus, last year the brand was renewed with a more modern and elegant label.  Without doubt, these enhancments have not changed its classic style, praised by the critics world round. Originated in the Valle del Maipo vineyards, this wine is the result of a meticulous winemaking process that begins during the harvesting with a careful selection of the best bunches, followed by fermentation in small stainless steel barrels under controlled temperature to enhance the color and extract its pleasant bouquets and tannins, ending its maturation in French oak barrels over a period of 12 months, when the wine reaches a complete balance. Of  a deep purplish red color, clear and bright, this Antiguas Reservas Syrah presents in nose a bouquet of ripe black fruits, floral notes combined with bitter chocolate, cedar and tobacco. In mouth, a medium acidity is sensed, with elegant tannins indicative of a good evolution. This first harvest, 2010, is a docile wine, elegant, gastronomic, and ideal to accompany red fatty meats such as steak stuffed with blue cheese, or lamb with rosemary accompanied by rustic puree. The denomination Antiguas Reservas is given to the Cousiño Macul wines that have reached a certain level of perfection and ageing potential.