Tour en bicicleta para Conocer Viña Cousiño Macul

Every day more and more cyclists can be seen in the city and tofollow this trend Cousiño Macul and Bicicleta Verde (Green Bicycle) organized a tour to become acquainted with the property in a sportive and ecological way. This initiative promotes touristic activities of the vineyards for both Chileans and foreigners. Right in the middle of Santiago on the slopes of the Andes Mountains lies Cousiño Macul winery. Its century-old wine lands founded in 1856 are open to all those who want to visit, and in summer there is a different and healthy way to do so. For that, it is possible to roam the winery on a fun bicycle tour. This is thanks to a partnership between the winery and Bicicleta Verde, who for some time have made it possible for tourists and wine lovers to get to know the estate by this new form. At 10 am the first group starts led by a bilingual guide. The trip begins with riding along dirt paths in between vines, some of them almost a century old, where it is possible to see the rural landscape of the old Santiago and the modernity of the new city. During the whole tour the history of the viticulture in the Maipo Valley is explained; from the founding family that is still owner of the winery – the Cousiños- to each type of vine that is grown in these places. After quite some pedaling, while exchanging entertaining anecdotes and stories, the group stops to rest and to refresh themselves. They try an excellent Sauvignon Blanc which motivates and encourages them even more to continue the tour. After having ridden their bikes for almost five kilometers they finish the tour with a guided visit of a century-old building located on the premises, where they deepen their knowledge about the wine making process; how everything started last century and how it is done today. The tour ends in a cellar which was built in 1874 by French architects where, for about 40 minutes, an exclusive tasting of Cousiño Macul’s best wines is held. “This type of tour allowed the visitors to get to know and to learn about wine in a healthy way. Roaming corners where you can’t get on foot …. allows the visitors to see the vineyard from another perspective. We wanted to combine an outdoor activity with the flavor and the history of wine” said Tatiana Kunstmann.