Tasting Wines of Chile en Sao Paulo

Forty Chilean wineries, including Cousiño Macul, took part in the Tasting Wines of Chile exhibition held at the exclusive Unique Hotel in São Paulo on the 10th of August. Nearly one thousand people participated in the event, which aimed to promote Chile as a producer of diverse, high quality wines. Participants were able to attend an interesting seminar about innovation in the Chilean wine industry, during which Cousiño Macul presented its 2010 Finis Terrae. Chile’s new geographic zoning scheme was also presented during the exhibition, allowing for an in-depth look at the country’s productive breadth and diversity in the winemaking sector. The New Zoning Scheme Chile is known for being a long and narrow country. Because of this geography, it displays a wide variety of diverse climates, landscapes, vegetation, and culture. This diversity is also reflected in Chilean wines. For example, a Cabernet Sauvignon grown under coastal conditions is very different than one grown near the mountains. The winemaking industry’s new zoning scheme, approved in 2011, not only divides the point of origin of wines from north to south, but also from east to west. As such, three new zones have been added to the Chilean winemaking map: the Andes, Between the Mountains, and the Coast. This new division recognizes the enormous influence that the ocean and the two mountain ranges have on the production of high quality wines. This new classification identifies the origin of the product more accurately. It also allows for the recognition of the large diversity of terroir, which, thanks to their particular geographic conditions, exist across Chile from north to south and from east to west.