Riesling Cousiño Macul es calificado como uno de los mejores del mundo

The renowned Financial Times Weekend Magazine’s columnist Jancis Robinson dedicated a complete article to talk about the wonders of Riesling, which for her was a major discovery. Among the wines that stand out is Cousiño Macul’s Riesling whose vines were brought from Germany in the nineteenth century and which she qualifies as “awesome”. “I would like to have your attention to tell you about the best white wine in the world” with these words Jancis Robinson begins her column in the renowned Financial Times newspaper. Although she recognizes that for some wine fanatics this strain is not the most coveted, for her it is the best there is as far as white wines are concerned with respect to taste, strength and personality. Its sugar levels are not high, probably due to the rather cold climates which are typical for its original Germany. Riesling naturally is not very alcoholic, but thanks to its strong personality it has an intense flavor that lingers in the mouth. In Australia, the second country where these grapes grow best and where production is concentrated on Claire and the Eden Valleys, Riesling is characterized to be a very fine and dry wine. Historically, Alsace and Austria also have been producers of Riesling, whose wines stand out for being dry and of great character. But lately the temperate zones of New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and the United States have produced great quality Rieslings, among which the “awesome” Cousiño Macul Riesling stands out. Our Isidora Riesling is known for being a versatile wine for pairing. It goes well with fish; it also fits perfectly well with sweet and sour dishes, Japanese food and it is ideal as an aperitif. It has a pale yellow color with golden sparkles and a high aromatic intensity. In the mouth it has an amazing acidity, a good body and freshness, emphasizing its citric fruit flavor with a dry and long finish.