Our Wines Around the World

The beginning of the year was filled with trips for Cousiño Macul’s team, with the goal of visiting distributors, evaluate the markets, promote the brand and nurture business growth in our various destinations. A distinguished team of professionals travelled along numerous countries during this period in order to assess the vineyard’s business situation in these markets and effectively position the company.

Cousiño Macul, an enduring tradition in Canada

As is tradition, high executives travelled to Canada. Arturo and Verónica Cousiño’s first stop was Vancouver, where they met with representatives of Stile Brand, a new distributor for this area. They participated in important tastings, and visited specialized stores and restaurants. The next city they visited was Toronto, where they worked with Wine World Importers, “these were intense days. We visited the Market, it was a highly productive and interesting stay”, commented Verónica Cousiño. Their business trip continued through Québec and Montreal, where important tastings were also held in shops and restaurants. They attended a Winemaker Dinner at La Bête restaurant, with a group of wine lovers. At the dinner, a vertical tasting of Antiguas Reservas and Finis Terrae was held, presented by Arturo Cousiño, with a good reception from the attendants, “the attendants were big fans of our wines,we even met one who was nicknamed ‘Mr. Macul’ by his friends, as a sign of how much he enjoyed our wines”, said Verónica Cousiño. Arturo Cousiño concluded that it was a very productive trip, “Canada is a very important market to us, where we have been present for over 25 years, and we are concerned with improving our work and products, each year. We are very satisfied with the effort that our distributors have been doing”.

Asia, the greatest potential market for Chilean wine

Only 6 years ago, Cousiño Macul had practically no presence in the Asian market, but consistent and collaborative work has allowed to successfully position our wines during the last couple of years. It has been a systematic effort which has gained market share in Southeast Asian countries, like Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. In order to achieve this, Matías Ovalle, CEO of Cousiño Macul Vineyards, toured extensively through Asia, travelling to the aforementioned countries, as well as to Korea, Japan and China. “These countries have great market potential, we think that our wine sales can be dramatically increased in these markets, which are considered in the 10 most important markets for Chilean wine”, said Ovalle. One of the objectives of this trip was to consolidate and reinforce business relations with the distributors in each one of the visited markets, but above all, the main aim was to increase our wine sales in China and pave the path for new business opportunities in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Thailand and Vietnam were visited for the first time by a company representative, and Matías Ovalle held meetings with distributors in each one of these two countries. “It was a long trip, where we ceased the chance to visit as most countries as possible. We held meetings with distributors to assess business plans, made presentations and implemented sales force training programs, made careful and conscientious market visits, but we also took the time to speak to journalists and potential clients, go to wine dinners and hold various tastings. Asia has a lot of potential and, as Cousiño Macul Vineyards, we wish to gain more market share over there, day by day”, concluded Matías Ovalle.

2015 is an important year for Cousiño Macul in the American market

In order to more effectively position our products in the East Cost of the United States, Philipp Smol, Export Director of Cousiño Macul, travelled to New York and New Jersey, where along with Eduardo Hidalgo, National Brand Manager South America for Winebow; Javier Guiñazú, Mundo Vino Regional Manager for New York TRI-State Area; and, Frank Paredes, Director of Brand Management for Winebow, they visited several clients, presenting some of the wines of Cousiño Macul Vineyards. The trip was aimed to reinforce the sales of Cousiño Macul products in the area, train sales forces, and carefully regulate the company’s commercial strategy for the second semester of the year, in the United States. “It was a successful trip since we were able to gain new clients and develop new and favorable ideas for the rest of the year, which will help us bolster our sales; the trip also served to demonstrate that our iconic wine, Lota, has an interesting and appealing potential in this market”, commented Smol. It is important to emphasize that the American market is one of the most important markets in the world, and Cousiño Macul has been present there for more than 30 years. Cousiño Macul has always held top positions, in terms of market share, for Chilean wines. “This market can be distinguished for being immensely diverse, due to the particularities present in each of the composing states”, added Smol, who also said that this trait makes the American market one of the most competitive markets in the world, but that the collaborative work they are doing with Winebow is exceptional and has given excellent results. “We are very happy with the work that our distributor has been doing, since we have been able to penetrate difficult areas and position our wines in a very effective way. We are confident that we will reach the goals we have set and that are desired by both companies”, he concluded.

Latin America: Cousiño Macul increases its wine presence in Restaurants

In March, Waldo Valés, Export Manager for Latin America, travelled to Colombia to meet with importers, in order to strongly support the on-trade channels and improve the wine mixture that Cousiño Macul has in that country. The same goal was set on his trip to Peru, where he met with representatives of our distributor, Drokasa, with whom he visited supermarkets to evaluate ways to reinforce the presence of Cousiño Macul in restaurants, especially in Lima. His trip continued to Ecuador, where the company seeks to implement new sales channels, since it is a much smaller market, but has a lot of potential. Paraguay was an interesting destination, according to Valdés. He visited supermarkets and participated in important presentations and training programs. His experience in Bolivia was very similar. “The main objective in this area is to improve our presence in restaurants, because it is there where consumers taste our products, and later buy them in supermarkets. We are very satisfied with the work that our distributors in every one of these countries have been carrying out. We are synced and are committed to reinforce our presence and achieve great results”, commented Waldo Valdés.

Discovering Central America

Central America is a practically unexplored market, which has a lot of potential. This is why Tomás Mc Donough travelled to Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Panama, where he was aimed to position the Cousiño Macul brand, and promote its presence in the area. He had important meetings with clients in every one of these countries; wine pairings and tastings were held with opinion leaders, they visited supermarkets and restaurants, and made presentations in order to promote our products. Mc Donough concluded that Cousiño Macul is a highly appreciated brand by consumers, who are very loyal to it. The most preferred product is the Antiguas Reservas wine, in spite of the fact that varietal wines are mostly sold in this area. “We are very excited about everything that can be done in Central America. In an area where wine culture is becoming richer every day, there is a lot of enthusiasm for learning about this subject”, he concluded.