Nueva Ruta “Cordillera y Vino”

Cousiño Macul will take part of the Tourist Route ” Mountain range and Wine ” Last Friday August 12 the Municipality of Peñalolén, through its Tourism Bureau,  launched the Tourist Route  “Mountain Range & Wine”, with the intention of giving support to the tourist agencies of the commune, encouraging the associability and incentivizing the local economic development. In the presence of representatives from Sernatur, Corfo, Sercotec, Eurochile, I. Municipalidad de Maipú , among others, the Major of Peñalolén,  Claudio Orrego, stressed the importance of this action: “for us, the tourist issue has a double dimension: on one side the economic development where different types of productive spaces are opened, and on the other, the aspect of cultural patrimony , to which we have wanted to add value and where we have succeeded in raising resources through alliances with the private and public sectors.” Peñalolén is a commune with plenty of natural, cultural and patrimonial attractions; the challenge is to develop a quality product, and it is with this objective that projects such as  “Mountain Range & Wine Route”, “Wine Route” and “Nature Comfort and Relax”  are being developed. The launching of the Mountain Range & Wine Route took place with a FAM TRIP, visiting the “Equilibre” equestrian Center, Cousiño Macul Vineyard, “Espacio Cordillera”, “Mi Tribu” Restaurant, Aquitania Vineyard and Ecological Community and ending at the Day Spa. broken links test .