McKinley Vintners: Nuevo distribuidor de Cousiño Macul para el Reino Unido

2014 begins with a new alliance. From now on Cousiño Macul wines will be distributed in the important UK market by Mckinley Vintners, who stand out for their background over the last 25 years in the business of wine and other liquors.  They offer a wide range of products- more than 500 wines and others – which now joined Cousiño Macul wines.  Located in the heart of London, it is a distribution company that is known for having the representation of renowned vineyards worldwide. Their premium service is characterized by suiting the needs of its customers, either retailers or wholesalers.  Recently Carlos Cousiño visited Mckinley Vintners to meet them and to formalize this new partnership. “This Alliance will strengthen and further increase our presence in the British market,” said Carlos Cousiño.