Lota y Antiguas Reservas catalogados dentro de los mejores Cabernet Sauvignon chilenos por Decanter

There are wines considered unreachable, but always hoping to enjoy. The prominent wine critic Patricio Tapia made a selection of the 30 best Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon better quality and prestige. In this exclusive list published by Decanter, Cousiño Macul has two wines: its icon Lota which was awarded as the best red of the year with 19 points and, his Antiguas Reservas, also within the 10 best Chilean wines. In this list, Patricio Tapia showed that it is possible to enjoy these wines of excellence because its value is lower than the product really should have. Lota – Alto Maipo 2006 de Cousiño Macul. (19pts/20 (96/100pts).   This wine is considered to take those who drink it straight to the heart of the Maipo Valley. It is a wine in which, thanks to its hundred-year old vineyards, cassis and mint easily can be perceived. Lota allows enjoying delicate tannins in the mouth. It is the authentic expression of one of the most traditional wine regions of Chile.   Cousiño-Macul, Antiguas Reservas, Maipo 2012 17pts / 20 ( 90 / 100pts )   Antiguas Reservas represents the tradition of Chilean Cabernet at its best. It is a highly appreciated wine which from the beginning has been able to offer a clear expression of the Maipo Valley where the taste of ripe red fruits and spices stand out, allowing savor sweet tannins and a texture that envelops the palate.