Lota premiado en Descorchados Brasil 2015

Descorchados, the famous wine guide made every year by the prominent journalist, Patricio Tapia, was recently presented at Praça Sao Lorenzo in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Carlos Cousiño, president of the winery, Verónica Cousiño and Tomás Mc Donough went to the event to receive this important award: Icon Lota best red wine of the year at Descorchados guide. The event was joined by more than 80 wineries from different countries with the higher scores in Descorchados. Various wineries made expositions to the press, but noted the presentation of Carlos Cousiño about her wine LOTA. “Patricio Tapia described Lota as an epiphany and it is no coincidence that it is. It is a wine that shown on its essence and that comes from the original territory of the beginnings of Cousiño Macul. A land where the grapevines have deep roots and are protected from high temperatures by the mountains. A land with history of our family, Chile and winery”, said. More than thousand people attended to this outstanding gastronomic event and “everyone wanted to try our icon Lota. The stand was always crowded, proving once again that it is a winning wine by excellence”, said Verónica Cousiño. Brazil is a very important market for Chile and especially for Cousiñoo Macul because It is our most significant importer and is a market that has great interest in the Chilean wine, expressed Verónica Cousiño. In addition, Sao Paulo is a culinary capital by excellence, what makes specialized media extremely important and well cataloged.