Finis Terrae 2010 logra primer lugar en categoría ensamblajes tintos en el “Sommelier Chile Challenge”

In July the “Sommelier Chile Challenge” was held in London, an original contest in which the idea is to do a tasting of Chilean wines which then compete with wines from other countries. The wines are tested blindly and the sommeliers have to give scores, highlighting their favorites in each of the categories. The competition was held at the “Antique Wine Company” in London and was organized by “Wines of Chile” in order to better position Chile’s premium wines within the European market. Worldwide respected sommeliers participated in this event as well as the specialized press. Each participant was asked to choose their three favorite wines from each category. The categories were Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Red Blends, white wines by glass and red wines by glass. Among them our Finis Terrae 2010 was rated top in the Red Blends category. The event was carried out with the idea of changing the perception of Chilean wines, as consumers and sommeliers usually see them as good quality, but not as premium wines. Through this event it could be proven that Chilean wines are among the best worldwide. This was the fourth time this event took place and the first time that Chile won in all categories, instead of coming in second as in previous years: this is excellent news not only for Chilean wines but also for Cousiño Macul.