Finis Terrae 2010 elogiado en Decanter World Wine Awards 2014

Vineyard Cousiño Macul had an outstanding participation in the latest version of the Decanter World Wine Awards 2014, where our Finis Terrae 2012 was awarded a bronze medal. The British public commented widely on its superb qualities and features. They especially highlighted its Mediterranean notes such as licorice, bay leaf, and menthol, reaching from ripe fruit like plum, cassis, and blackberry to candied notes finishing with a touch of well incorporated wood flavor. In this wine flavors can be felt and its elegant touch gives way to a long finish full of fruit and aftertaste harmonizing oak flavors and spices. This competition, which is held in the UK every year, is one of the most widely recognized and most prestigious competitions in the industry. Moreover, it has earned itself admiration and international respect due to the high level of its board of judges which consists of the best wine palates including wholesalers, sommeliers, critics, and specialized writers. At the DWWA each wine is assessed individually which gives more confidence that the tasting is fair and completely specialized. “Therefore, we are filled with pride that our Finis Terrae 2010 has been awarded a bronze medal in such an important competition where only the best and most outstanding wines are praised” said Matias Ovalle, CEO of vineyard Cousiño Macul.