Even though I do like Elizabeth Warren (I even believe she has

Roy Hodgson will be handed a huge 1m bonus if he can. Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has new options at the. The players were baffled. Even though I do like Elizabeth Warren (I even believe she has Native American ancestry, although certainly not enough to qualify her for affirmative action), I burst out laughing in my car last week when I heard Trump confidingly say (like a yenta at Zabar’s deli), “She’s a woman that has been very ineffective except that she has a big mouth.” His New York comic timing was spot on. I laughed out loud again this week when I heard Trump interrupt his press conference to tag an ABC reporter as “a sleaze” at which I am sure thousands of other radio listeners heartily cheered. It’s been a long time since any major politician had the chutzpah to tell the arrogant, double dealing East Coast media what most of the country thinks about them..

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