Cousiño Macul tours Colombia promoting its wines

Waldo Valdés, Cousiño Macul’s export manager for Latin America, travelled extensively through Colombia. He visited the coffee region –Cali, Pereira and Manizales- attending many restaurants and coaching sales and waiting personnel, as well as sommeliers. “We were present in important and crowded restaurants, where we could explain our wines, how to pair them with the appropriate kind of food, and where we provided valuable tips and solved different doubts that clients and owners had”, said Waldo Valdés. Afterwards, he travelled to Bogotá, where he met with Carlos Cousiño to attend the Expo Vino wine fair, organized by the Éxito supermarket chain, in celebration of their 10 years of existence. The event counted amongst its guests diverse public figures –local, as well as international-, oenologists and wine enthusiasts. “Colombia is of the greatest importance for Cousiño Macul, starting with the fact that our brand has been present in their market for over 60 years. As a developing and growing country, its demand for wine increases, as well. We see a promising future for wine in Colombia, which motivates us to promote the brand even more in this country”, expressed Carlos Cousiño. In addition Cousiño Macul won the silver medal with their Gris wine. “This is a widely sold wine in Colombia, due to its freshness. It can be perfectly paired with local dishes and it is especially pleasant a mostly warm climate”, commented Waldo Valdés.