Cousiño Macul realizó demostración de nueva Máquina vendimiadora Pellenc

In early April an interesting event took place in the Buin plantation of vineyard Cousiño Macul: the new grape harvesting machine Optimum, built by the French manufacturer Pellenc, was presented to wine makers and wine experts of the Maipo valley. The event brought together experts of the world of wine and aimed to show that this new model has several innovations and improvements over previous models. “During the demonstration the quality of the harvesting process, and its speed could be proven; additionally it was amazing to see how clean the results were and all this very silenty and energy efficiently” said Carol Durmont, wine maker of Paine. Cousiño Macul has been using Pellenc equipment for various years and the results have been extraordinary. “The grapes are harvested at the exact moment of ripeness and this results in higher quantity in less time” she added. Pellenc is a French company which manufactures machinery for farming and wine making among others. This equipment stands out because of its latest technology which is converted into excellent results and work experience.