Cousiño Macul lanza Don Matías Carménère

The outstanding label Don Matías, named after the founder of the vineyard, continues to surprise with the release of the new variety Carménère, a strain that was lost for many years and was rediscovered in Chile in the 90s. This elegant wine has an intense and pleasant aroma, in which ripe black fruit, spices and leather dominate. On the palate it is delicate and of medium tannin with a taste of plums, blackberries and spices. It is the perfect accompaniment for dishes of medium intensity, such as finely flavored pastas, risottos, pizza, and cheese of medium maturation. Álvaro González, Cousiño Macul’s sommelier, recommends drinking this wine together with Pappardelle, cherry tomatoes sautéed with garlic and all generously decorated with Parmesan cheese. This first edition of Don Matias Carménère Reserve has just been launched in Chile.