Cousiño Macul de gira por Europa

This year started with a tight schedule for Cousiño Macul.  Matias Ovalle, CEO of the vineyard, flew to Moscow to participate on the Chilean Wine Tour, a fair organized by ProChile focused on national wines. After one day on the stand, he visited and trained the sales team of our Russian Distributor ‘Garage Wine and Spirits’. Another interesting stop was Poland, country included in the fair circuit. In this country, the aim was to know this market more in depth and expand the boundaries of Cousiño Macul in Europe. Felipe Stoehrel, Exports Manager from Cousiño Macul for Latin America and Asia joined him in Germany, where they participated in Prowein, the most important international fair on the wine industry. Cousiño Macul Vineyard had a stand in the hall of Chile. This event gathered the main and most important vineyards and liquor producers worldwide. ‘We believe it is very important doing these trips, because this way we can meet our distributors, review our business and support them in what they need’ said Matias Ovalle, who also pointed out that new business opportunities are always present on these markets, ‘It is very important having face to face contact to build the necessary trust, so as to be able to consolidate long term relationships’, he emphasized. Among Cousiño Macul plans for 2014 it is boosting exports to Europe, growing and consolidating the markets they already have presence in and looking for unexplored new markets.