Don Matías

Don Matías - Merlot

Don Matías Reserva Merlot is a pure and elegant wine. Its recognized quality traces back to the selection of appropriate vines, all through the bottling process. Its handling in the field is similar to that of Antiguas Reservas, only differing in that the grapes used in the production of Don Matías Reserva Merlot exhibit higher yields, and are harvested earlier, since this allows for the wine to retain its characteristic and differentiating fruity aromas and taste.

Technical Data

  • Varietal Composition: Merlot
  • Denomination: 100% Maipo Valley
  • Alcohol: 14,1%
  • Total Acidity: 4,85 g/l
  • Residual Sugar: 2,71
  • pH: 3,65


Due to its characteristics, it would be a great companion for gnocchis Bolognese or Filet with mushroom risotto.


Oenologist’s notes

Season 2014-2015 had the highest temperatures and least amount of frosts in the last 3 years. It`s main characteristics was the absence of rainfalls during the flowering and harvest period, giving us very healthy grapes to work with. High temperatures got our grapes faster to the optimal ripening, giving to our wines a discreet acidity, structured tannins and higher aromatic intensity.


Ripe berries are selected in the cellar immediately after harvesting. The must with skins went through a cold maceration of 5 days. Fermentation took 7 days at a temperature of 26-27°C with selected yeasts and continued with a post-fermentative maceration for 20-30 more days settling and gaining complexity. After this period of time, it passed through a full malolactic fermentation, settles for 6 months in contact with oak and it´s finally bottled. The handling and selection of raw materials, along with a delicate production process, result in complex and elegant wines which are representative of this particular variety.

Tasting notes

Red color with purple rims. Medium to high aroma intensity reminding us of strawberries, plums, cinnamon, clove and some spices. In mouth, it has a balanced acidity, medium body and persistent tannins with toasted coffee and bitter cacao flavor at the end.