Antiguas Reservas

Antiguas Reservas - Syrah

Antiguas Reservas is the vineyard’s emblem wine, with over 80 years in its portfolio. This Syrah maintains the classic style of Cousiño Macul, combining the maturity of the New World, the elegance of the traditional old world wines and a structure that allows an adequate storage capacity.

Technical Data

  • Varietal Composition: Syrah
  • Denomination: 100% Maipo Valley
  • Alcohol: 14,5%
  • Total Acidity: 5,30 g/l
  • Residual Sugar: 2,28 g/l
  • pH: 3,60


Ideal to accompany preparations that equate it's intensity as barbecue ribs, prosciutto or smoked lamb. Also excellent with duck meet ravioli with nuts sauce and together with hard cheese of medium to high intensity.

viña cousiño macul

Winemarker’s notes

The 2013-2014 season was one of extreme climates: a dry winter, a very cold spring period and extremely high temperatures during the summer. The only important rainfalls during the winter of 2013 were recorded by the end of May, while the remaining months presented only scattered and irrelevant precipitations. Nevertheless there were no complications in providing the proper irrigation for the vineyard. Temperatures were mild, in general, which resulted in gradual, optimal ripening of our grapes. The absence of precipitation during the final ripening stage encouraged optimal crop health.


This grape was harvested by hand when the tannins were ripe and smooth in mid April. Winemaking started with maceration at low temperature during 5 days. Different yeasts were used for fermentation and the must was pumped over 3 to 4 times a day. Once fermentation was ended it underwent maceration with the skins for approximately 20 days. Once pressed, the wine was transferred to barrels of different coopers where it was left to rest for 12 months while full malolactic fermentation took place. Finally, it was clarified and went through a light filtration before bottling.

Tasting notes

It presents a deep dark cherry color. In nose, there are ripe black fruits, blackberries, plums and floral notes combined with bitter chocolate, cinnamon, leather and a smoky touch. In mouth, it has a medium acidity and full-body showing very present, soft and elegant tannins and ending in a long-lasting experience.